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Deer Hunting Rifles: Pros and Cons of Each

Deer rifles: The Old Favorites
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If you’re new to deer hunting, you’re probably wondering about the best hunting rifles and other deer hunting tips. Actually, there is no one “best” deer hunting rifle. If you were to as 25 deer hunters to name the best caliber hunting rifle for whitetail deer, chances are that you’d get close to 10 or 15 different answers. A lot depends on the particular hunting conditions where the hunter will be shooting. For example, are you looking for a hunting rifle that’s excellent for long-range shots in open country? Or do you need a short-range hunting rifle for close shots in heavy vegetation? Do want a hunting rifle just for whitetails, or do you need one that can take down larger game, too? Are you interested only in deer hunting rifles for which you can find ammo easily that’s relatively inexpensive? All of these elements must be considered when you’re trying to decide which caliber deer hunting rifle is best for you and your hunting situation.
Below are short descriptions of thebest hunting rifles and most popular deer rifles.
The .243 Deer Hunting Rifle
Although it’s a popular deer hunting rifle with young hunters and with female hunters, the .243 hunting rifle sometimes gets a bad rap. Some hunters report that it doesn’t have enough stopping power and complain of wounded deer running off after being hit, along with causing blood-shot venison. The problem is most likely not the rifle – it’s the bullet. A lot of .243 shooters use an 80-grain bullet because it’s faster, but for deer, a heavier bullet is better – one with at least 100 grains.
With the right ammo, the .243 deer hunting rifle is great for long-range shots. It doesn’t have much of a kick, and it has a flat trajectory. This is a popular hunting rifle with smaller hunters because the recoil is only 8.4 pounds.

The .30-06 Hunting Rifle
The .30-06 is a fine hunting rifle for deer, and it’s one of the most popular. It’s typically fast and light, and it’s extremely accurate. It has a flat arc, even at 300 yards. With this hunting rifle, you’ll have a wide selection of bullet weights and loads from which to choose, and ammo is easy to find. One of the few complaints with this hunting rifle is that it hits pretty hard at ranges under 100 yards. It also has a fairly hefty kick at 20 foot pounds.
7mm Hunting Rifle
Many deer hunters prefer a 7mm, but in truth, this hunting rifle is better suited for larger game. It’s also better suited for larger hunters because of its kick – 24.3 foot pounds. This rifle has amazing knock-down power. Unfortunately, it often makes a huge entrance hole and exit hole in whitetail deer. It’s also very loud.
If you’re searching for kind of an all-purpose hunting rifle that can be used for several types of big game, however, the 7mm would be a good choice.
The .308 Deer Hunting Rifle
In my opinion, these are the best hunting rifles for deer. It’s what I used most of the time. The .308 is good for long ranges, and it enjoys an excellent performance history for shots over 200 yards. It has plenty of knock-down power for whitetail deer and is sometimes used for larger game like black bears.
Many hunters feel that the .308 has a little more accuracy than the .30-06, even though the two rifles are comparable. The .308 has a recoil of 14.8 foot pounds, so it doesn’t kick as hard as the .30-06. In the past, you could find plenty of cheap military surplus ammo for practice shots. About the only disadvantage reported by some hunters is that the .308 doesn’t typically handle heavier loads as well as the .30-06.
The 7mm-08 Hunting Rifle
The 7mm-08 is gaining popularity as a deer hunting rifle. It’s actually a .308 that’s been necked down to accept a 7mm bullet. These are very versatile deer hunting rifles. The 7mm-08 is fast, accurate, and has a flat trajectory that’s capable of long-range shots, while it’s also good at short range. In addition, the recoil is fairly mild. It’s a little faster and has a slightly flatter arc than the .308.
The disadvantage with this hunting rifle is that factory loads are often difficult to locate.
The .300 Hunting Rifle
The .300 is a good deer hunting rifle for short and medium-range shots. It’s also a good all-around hunting rifle for big game like moose, elk, and bear. One problem with the .300 as a deer hunting rifle is that it can mess up a lot of meat on a whitetail. Also, the trajectory drops about 12 inches at 300 yards. This isn’t the best hunting rifle for smaller hunters, either, because of its kick – 27.2 foot pounds.
The .270 Deer Hunting Rifle
These are good deer hunting rifles for long ranges, with a reputation for accuracy. The .270 has a moderate recoil, at 15.7 foot pounds. This is a very versatile rifle that can be shot by almost all hunters.
Another advantage you’ll often find with the .270 is that you can often find a good deal on a used one because they’re not as popular as a .308 or .30-06 in many areas of the country. Also, the cartridges are relatively inexpensive and easy to find.
The .30-30 Deer Hunting Rifle
More whitetail deer have probably been taken with these deer hunting rifles than with any other. If you hunt in heavy brush at close range, the .30-30 will perform well, especially for shots under 100 yards. It can blast through vegetation like nobody’s business, and the recoil, at 11.4 pounds, is fairly mild when compared to many other deer rifles.
Ammunition for the .30-30 is readily available and can be found just about anywhere. Another advantage is that this hunting rifle is one of the least expensive deer rifles on the market.


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